Again, Rstudio erases script content after saving

Something is going with Rstudio Version: 2024.04.1+748 after saving files. I am running Rstudio in a Windows 10 22H2. It starts happening after the update. I am working on a script, I save my file, and suddenly the information within is gone. This issue happens with a certain frequency. If you look for this issue at the Posit Community you will find several related or equal problems after updating.
Can I recover my info? Is there anything I can do to avoid this critical problem for Windows users?

Hi Erandi,

You could save the contents in a text file by using select-all (Ctrl-A), and then copying and pasting into a Notepad window.

Other folks could advise you better on whether and how you could recover the script, but if the issue is reproducible, it might help if you could post screenshots that document you walking through the process. Can you reproduce it?

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