After updating RStudio color names are highlighted


After updating RStudio IDE to RStudio 2022.12.0+353 "Elsbeth Geranium" for Windows when I write an instruction in the source pane with color names the color name word is highlighted.

plot(1, col = "red")     # the word "red" is on a red background
plot(1, col = "blue")    # the word "blue" is on a blue background

I know I shouldn't post screen shots of code but the actual code is above, this is a post of a screen shot of what the RStudio IDE is displaying.

Screen_capture_2022-12-20 091526

Here is the full version string copied from the Help > About RStudio menu

RStudio 2022.12.0+353 "Elsbeth Geranium" Release (7d165dcfc1b6d300eb247738db2c7076234f6ef0, 2022-12-03) for Windows
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) RStudio/2022.12.0+353 Chrome/102.0.5005.167 Electron/19.1.3 Safari/537.36

Hello @RuiBarradas ,

I also experience the same. Well, do you know how to change it back to "normal"?
Or are you also waiting for the answer? Thanks



@Anijaya, @Flm,
This has solved the problem, thanks!

One more follow-up issue. I ran into this problem after updating RStudio IDE. I did everything as told by the Windows installer, accepting all default settings. And it was the first time I saw the color names highlighted like above.
Is this behavior factory-made? And if so shouldn't it be reverted back to the previous behavior?

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