After reinstalling R and RStudio cant download any packages

After having issues with installing CRAN packages and no solutions found I uninstalled and then re-installed the entire setup (both R and RStudio).
Now I cant even install tidyverse again.
I tried to change R and RStudio location and give full control on the security settings and obviously running as administrator..

I have ASUS, running Windows 10. I dont have any firewall activaed at the moment..
Any suggestions?

For the RStudio folks out here.. this is some really bad ■■■■ that happens, I really hope to solve this but it makes life very hard for novices to start their journey /:

I have seen this before because of Windows Security, try white listing R and RStudio on whichever antivirus you use.

So I tried to be super gentle with the software and decided to just run R for a while , not Rstudio. R did have permission to install packages so what I'm doing now is whenever I need to install a package I so it from R, then I just use the library to bring it up to Rstudio.

Another nice thing I did Ia changing the Rprofile so tidy verse automatically install itself and I get a really nice and warm welcome when I Restart a session in RStudio :slight_smile:

I Guess for the other googlers in the future, to sum things up:
Just install.packcages through R and then library() them in R studio. Permission s differ and it solved my problem

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