After going to resume a lost the processing

Does anyone knows how to a project don't gone to sleep?
After the project go to sleep I click on the Resume bottom and the project goes back to zero step, and I lost all the computation work already did.

Best regards

Tengo el mismo problema, como lo podemos solucionar?

Are there any messages from the R console you can share?

With Posit cloud free, you only get an hour of background jobs. Have you tried this process with RStudio Desktop?

You might be interested in reading the section in the guide about "Background Execution":

By default, a project is only permitted to execute code in the background for up to 1 hour. That means if you're not actively using a project, it will be suspended after 1 hour, even if it's still running code.

Users with paid plans can increase this limit up to 48 hours.

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