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Pls advise how to learn R easily

Lots of great resources out there, my favorite being Over 250 free R books available online here:

Aside from that, I think a great approach is to try to use R for an actual project, and reach out to a community (like this one) when you run into obstacles that you can't figure out on your own.

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Thank. Great guidance

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Just like any other skill you have to give it time.
Try to code at least five days a week for a minimum of thirty minutes.
This will develop the skills and soon make it effortless.

I would advise that you take a short course, learning in a structured way with an instructor is easier than going into the abyss of too much information which the internet is. (I did Udemy's Data analysis with R on Coursera while starting out).
Reading a book comes second to this.
Above all is practicing, doing a real project. You can get this by offering pro bono data analysis to young researchers or assisting established analysts.

THata awsome.. will do

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