Advice on Data Input and Output with Shiny


I am very new to R. Understand Shiny could provide an interface for user to input certain attributes, eg dateinput. How could i use such input to say try to save the output to diff subfolders based on the date (month)?



welcome @Kellett, there are some excellent tutorials on Shiny, did you know? This one, explains how to add an input and how to access the value of the input in your application


For data output, one option is to give users the option to download data from your app (see attached article).

Another option is to save your data to a database or external file system (for example Dropbox, Amazon S3). Because of the way shiny server works, it's not as simple as a write.csv() call. The article Persistent data storage in Shiny apps explores some of your options.

Since you are very new to R, I would strongly encourage you to get a good introduction to R first (we could recommend a few online courses or books if you'd like), and then a good introduction to Shiny (ginberg linked to a new set of lessions, and the shiny team made a nice three hour video series here..)

Thanks so much!!!!!!