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I have read the User Guide several times over. One things is not 100% clear to me that I will try to lay out clearly here. I have the 'Starter' plans, and so this is my understanding of how my current settings (shown below) affect app usage.

With my plan, I am allocated a maximum of 5 instances, each instance can have up to 10 workers, and each worker can have some number of concurrent connections. So based on my specific settings, I have 5 workers per instance, and 50 connections per worker. So each instance can support 250 concurrent connections.

Based on Worker Load Factor at 5%, once any worker goes beyond 5% of its connection capacity (2.5 connections), another worker will spawn in that instance. Based on the Instance Load Factor, once any instance goes beyond 25% of its connections (62.5 connections), a new instance will be triggered.

Okay, that all seems fine to me. What isn't 100% clear to me is whether I (the app maintainer) need to pre-add all of the instances I want available, and whether I manually need to start the instances myself by pressing the PLAY button. After reading the document, I thought managed this, but now I'm not so sure. Please see image below.

Thanks for your help!

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