Admin access to filesystems of member projects?

Now that I know how to make LaTeX packages appear in my mebers' new projects, my next question is:

Is there a way for an admin of a space to access the /cloud/project directories of all of the members' projects?

I mean without having to manually open each of the projects? Either be able to mount these from my project filesystem, or maybe be able to run a script in each projects container? Or access these projects from R?

This is what I am trying to do: in my class students unfortunately already created their first project, and their projects are now missing the LaTeX package they need. I would like to install the package in all these projects, but I would like to avoid having to actually open all 30 or them one by one.

If that is not possible, it's no big deal. The LaTeX package is needed to knit their rmarkdown to pdf, because I figured out pdf is the best format for them to submit their assignments to our LMS for commenting and grading. They will not actually need to submit anything from their first project, but they may want to create a pdf file for printing for their own needs (to print it and include it in their notes or something).

That's an interesting idea - we don't (yet) have a way to access projects programmatically - there is an rscloud package ( that does provide the ability to manage space membership from R - and we plan to extend it's functionality over time, so we'll keep this example in mind as we do so.

One thing (that you likely already know, but just in case) is that going forward, if you include the LaTeX package in the space's base project, or in the project/assignment you have the students start from, they will get the package in future projects.

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