Adjusting Overlapping lines to make it visually better

I am having scores of students who I need to track over a few days. I have to make a line graph for this. But the graph I make have overlapping lines and it makes a bit difficult for visual interpretation. How can I adjust the positioning of the lines and make it better looking?

#> Attaching package: 'janitor'
#> The following objects are masked from 'package:stats':
#>     chisq.test, fisher.test
         ~date, ~supervisor, ~average,
  "27-08-2022",    "Nithin",      12L,
  "28-08-2022",    "Nithin",      27L,
  "29-08-2022",    "Nithin",      30L,
  "30-08-2022",    "Nithin",      14L,
  "31-08-2022",    "Nithin",      35L,
  "01-09-2022",    "Nithin",      22L,
  "27-08-2022",    "Gandhi",      23L,
  "28-08-2022",    "Gandhi",      27L,
  "29-08-2022",    "Gandhi",      12L,
  "30-08-2022",    "Gandhi",      22L,
  "31-08-2022",    "Gandhi",      43L,
  "01-09-2022",    "Gandhi",      23L,
  "27-08-2022",     "Nehru",      41L,
  "28-08-2022",     "Nehru",      45L,
  "29-08-2022",     "Nehru",      50L,
  "30-08-2022",     "Nehru",      22L,
  "31-08-2022",     "Nehru",      49L,
  "01-09-2022",     "Nehru",      48L,
  "27-08-2022",     "Patel",      14L,
  "28-08-2022",     "Patel",      27L,
  "29-08-2022",     "Patel",      17L,
  "30-08-2022",     "Patel",      14L,
  "31-08-2022",     "Patel",      39L,
  "01-09-2022",     "Patel",      17L

data %>% 

Created on 2022-09-09 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

Dear Kuttan

when you look at the intersection points , for example : on 28 08-2022 :
28-08-2022", "Nithin", 27L,
28-08-2022", "Gandhi", 27L
28-08-2022", "Patel", 27L,

no matter what you do the three of them are having the same average (X) and the same date for (Y) axis , and the overlap will remain their

it might be usefull for you to use the facet_wrap :

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Oh yeah, the overlap will remain. Thanks for this.


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