adjust axis with categorical variables

I am using following data from git: data

data <- read_csv("")
ggplot(data, aes(x=reorder(competitorname, pricepercent), y=pricepercent)) + 
#geom_segment(aes(xend=reorder(competitorname, pricepercent), yend=0)) +
#geom_point() +
geom_bar(stat="identity", width=.3) + 

The y axis of the plot is very confusing. How can I stretch it so that the axis is clear and there is enough space in the axis for each competition name so that nothing overlaps?
Screenshot 2022-11-19 124800

i run the same code but i got this after expanding it .. seems good :slight_smile:

you can add this line to save the plot, than play with width, height and dpi to achieve the best result
ggsave("plot.png", width = 4000, height = 5000, units = "px", dpi = 800)

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