Addins are not working after RStudio update

Hello everyone,
After updating to the new version of rstudio 1.3 most addins are not working or throwing an error and all were working properly on the previous version. is there a solution to such problem? do I have to uninstall and reinstall all again? I've never encountered such a problem between versions before.

Did you also change the R version to 4.0.0?
I understand packages must be adapted to that new version and an addin may be dependent on a package.
In that case you might have to reinstall a new version of the package.

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Yes I updated to R 4.0.0 and reinstalled all the packages afterwards. It's something related to RStudio since when I switched back to the older versions the addins are back to normal and on R 4.0.0

But now it should also work with the newer Rstudio version (!?)

I actually tried removing and reinstalling some of the malfunctioning addins (i.e. sinew, bare combine) but its of no use.

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