Adding Regression Results to a Map / Shapefile


I’ve been working in a dashboard to predict covid19 rate across Texas counties. I would like to display on a map the predicted results of a linear regression model. However, I don’t know how to add the predicted results to the shapefile so I can select the column and display it on the map.

First, I am starting by importing the data and map so I can run the regression analysis.

data <- read.csv("E:\\Tec21\\AD3003B\\texas_counties_data_alt2.csv", col.names = c("county","geocode", "median.household.income", "poverty", "pop.density", "adult.obesity", "covid.2021"))

variables <- c("median.household.income", "poverty", "pop.density", "adult.obesity")

map <- readOGR(dsn = "E:\\Tec21\\IA - Etapa 1\\Texas_Counties\\County.shp")

Then, I run the regression analysis according to the user selection of explanatory variables.

selectInput("variable_choice", label = h5("Choose one or more input variables"), choices = variables, variables[1], multiple = TRUE)
model1 <- reactive({
vars <- as.matrix(data[, input$variable_choice])
lm(covid.2021 ~ vars, data=data)

Then, I add the predicted values to a new dataset and display the summary

d_predicted <- reactive({
d_predicted <- data %>% mutate(predicted=predict(model1()), geocode=data$geocode, county=data$county)

However, when trying to add the predicted values to the map (shapefile) I got an error: ‘’ object of type 'closure' is not subsettable”

map@data$predicted <- d_predicted$predicted

I can plot the map, but I can not add the predicted values.

  pal <- colorNumeric("YlOrRd", map$predicted)
  leaflet() %>%
  addTiles() %>%
  addPolygons(data = map,
              fillColor = ~pal(predicted), 
              fillOpacity = 1, 
              weight = 1)

I would really appreciate your help!


From the way you access the map@data slot in your code I get the impression you are working within framework of older sp package; your use of rgdal::readOGR() is another hint that your workflow is by now somewhat dated - you did notice the warning at the package startup, did you?

I suggest you update to newer sf paradigm; you will notice that the sf objects are regular data frames (plus some little extra special sauce), and creating new variables will feel like breeze compared to sp.

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