Adding pValues to boxplots using rstatix::tukey_hsd

Hi there,

I'm trying to add p-values and significance lines on a 'ggboxplot' from rstatix::tukey_hsd'.
Can anyone help me using 'rstatix::tukey_hsd'?

Hope this will help:

results <- anova_test(
data = data_long, dv = DSRP, wid = ind,
within = c(side, updwn), between = trial

pwc = tukey_hsd(x=data_long,formula = DSRP~side*updwn)

bxp <- ggboxplot(
data_long, x = "trial", y = "DSRP",
color = "updwn", palette = "jco", = "side", short.panel.labs = FALSE
Thank you all in advance,


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