adding plotting symbol in CCA plot

I want to generate canonical correspondence analysis(CCA) plot, to show the influence of environmental parameters on species distribution. I am using data found used in tutorial: R Functions: 2016

spe <- read.csv("spe.csv", row.names=1, sep=";")
env <- read.csv("env.csv", row.names=1, sep=";")
ccamodel <- cca(spe~., env)
plot(finalmodel, xlim=c(-1.5,2), ylim=c(-1,1.5), display=c("sp","cn"))

here is the output:

where the environmental variables and species name are highlighted in blue and red respectively.
My questions: How I can put the same symbol as a filled circle or a filled square before or after each species name in the plot? just to create a difference between species name and variables.

Thank you

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