Adding Image to Posterdown

Good Evening Dear All, I am cross posting this issue I am facing here, I need help concerning adding image to a poster in which I am working on using the posterdown package. I know that in Rmarkdown we can add image by specifying the image path like this !(path to the image), but when I do this with the logoleft_name function from the posterdown pacakage it will resolve to error but when I surround the logoleft_name with quote it will render but the image look too small and I dont know how I can increase this: Here is the link to the issue alongside with an example on Github: Add Local Image from my System · Issue #144 · brentthorne/posterdown · GitHub

I have figured out the solution by stating the yml like this:

main_topsize: 0.2 #percent coverage of the poster
main_bottomsize: 0.1
title: 'A Better Reproducible Poster Title'

  • name: 'W. Brent Thorne'
    affil: 1
    main: true
    orcid: '0000-0002-1099-3857'
    twitter: brentthorne18
  • name: Another G. Contributor
    affil: 2
    main: true
    email: ''
  • name: Person Three
    affil: 3
  • name: Person Four
    affil: 2
  • name: Person Five
    affil: 3
  • name: Person Six
    affil: 3
  • name: A. Seventh Author
    affil: 2
  • num: 1
    address: Department of Earth Science, Brock University
  • num: 2
    address: Department of Graphics and Layouts, University of Posters; Canada
  • num: 3
    address: Another Institute of a place where work gets done, Earth, Milky Way
  • "Make better posters with RMarkdown + posterdown."
    logoleft_name: img/cat.jpg
    logoright_name: img/demo.jpg
    logocenter_name: img/femi.jpg
    self_contained: false
    pandoc_args: --mathjax
    number_sections: false
    bibliography: packages.bib
    link-citations: true
    theme: demo.scss

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