Adding an image from my files directly to my report in Rmarkdown in Rstudio

Hello Guys, I am a beginner and I have spent hours trying to figure it out why I can not add an image to my report. I am adding this code:

! (\Users\phill\Downloads\Data Analytics\Case Study\Fotos\Bellabeatpng)

However when I click the knit and generate in HTML only shows up the link and not the image, Can you help me solve it? I even tried to put the direct link from the image website but it's not working either.


With the file extension?

Thank You in advance for your time and attention in helping me Technocrat.
I tried .png as well and still did not work. I make sure I was inserting the file format correctly to avoid any kind of errors.

It works if the is in the current working directory


But if a full pathname is given


doesn't for unknown reasons, due to pandoc (not rmarkdown, per se). I guess this is why I started putting my images on a web site to be able to link.

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