Adding a name and headline description to Plumber API for Swagger interface

Plumber is a fantastic tool, thank you rstudio.

Does anyone know how to pass information in a plumber.R file which will populate the "title" and headline "description" items in Swagger? At the moment I can only get the generic "API Title" and "API description".


When you create a new plumber file from the RStudio IDE menu, you get the following:


#* @apiTitle Plumber Example API

This already provides you with the template for modifying the API title. You can then add the API description in a similar way, and add the API version while your'e at it:


#* @apiTitle Your title goes here
#* @apiDescription Your description goes here
#* @apiVersion

Your swagger page should look like this:


Thank you Andrie. Next time I'll create directly from the menu wizard :slight_smile:

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