Add wordpress URL to hosted app

I have a shiny app hosted on under the professional plan. This includes the benefit of adding custom URL to access the app.
I also have a wordpress website (lets say
I tried adding as a URL for the app through the admin console.
This did not work (which was expected, it cannot be that simple :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I wanted to know what are all the steps make this work.

PS: I don't have much knowledge about wordpress or deploying apps over the web.

Hello! For the custom domain to work, you will also need to configure a CNAME as described in the docs here: Documentation - Applications


Hi @Shardul, welcome to the forum!

If I can restate your question, you have a Wordpress blog and would like to have a Shiny app as one of its pages (so they all look like they are the same site)? Or do you have a Wordpress blog with a domain and you'd like to re-use the same domain to also point to the Shiny app (but don't care if the Shiny app looks different than the Wordpress blog)?

Hi @randyzwitch thanks for replying!
To put it simply, right now to access the shiny app, users have to navigate to However, since I have a wordpress website, I would like for users to go to to use the Shiny app. I don't really care if the Shiny app looks different from the wordpress website.

In that case, I believe your only choice would be to create a subdomain like at your domain provider, then point it at the app as the docs that @samp linked to indicate.

The only way you can get the behavior you are after (AFAIK, without a lot of extra servers/setup) is to iframe the Shiny app as a page in Wordpress . That's not ideal compared to using a subdomain, as the iframe wouldn't allow you to show the app full-page.


@randyzwitch and samp thank you for the solutions! I will check with my domain provider to create a sub-domain and configure a CNAME record.

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