Add Stan models to Markdown/Quarto documents with syntax formatting and use them in R chunks

A comment on this previous question: Include Stan code.

If you want to include a Stan model in an RMarkdown/Quarto document - and you want to have syntax highlighting - you can put the Stan model in a Stan code chunk and the R code to run it in a different chunk. Using output.var = chunk option for the Stan code chunk allows you to refer to the model in the R chunk.

```{stan output.var = "compiled_model"}
data {
parameters {
model {

When the document is executed the model will be compiled and stored in the variable compiled_model, you can then sample from the model in a later chunk using the following chunk. Because the model is precompiled you call sampling not stan.

# R code to build the data_list goes here

fit1 <- sampling(
  compiled_model,                # Stan program object from previous chunk
  data = data_list,       # named list of data
  chains = 4,             # number of Markov chains
  warmup = 1000,          # number of warmup iterations per chain
  iter = 2000,            # total number of iterations per chain
  cores = 4,              # number of cores (could use one per chain)
  refresh = 100,             # progress shown
  verbose = FALSE          # TRUE gives more logging
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