Add Source line to Rmarkdown PPT slide

Hi, I am trying to create a PowerPoint presentation using rmarkdown.
Already figured out how to utilize "template" to specify background images, fonts, etc. with:
reference_doc: template_deck.pptx

But, for some reason I can not recreate the Source line at the bottom of the ppt slides w/ Knitting.
Although it is in the template.

Adding 'caption" sort of resembles the Source/Footer:
knitr::kable( table, caption = 'TEXT HERE.' )

Thought someone can recommend a more reliable way on how to do that.
Maybe certain code chunk I can add within ```{r} area?

Hello !

Can you share a reproducible example to that I can understand better ?
What it is the "Source line at the bottom" you mentionned ? Just to be sure I understand correctly.


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