Add R kernel to Jupyter notebook running on AWS EC2 server?


This is my first post on the RStudio Community, so forgive me if I am missing key information.

I am running a Jupyter notebook using Amazon Web Services (AWS). I created an Amazon Machine Image of the Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. (On that I am running a c4.large instance).

My goal is to have a Jupyter notebook running on the AWS server so that I can run my bioinformatic analysis on the AWS server while simultaneously accessing my data which I have stored in an AWS S3 bucket. To run my analysis, I need to use both Bash and R kernels in addition to the standard Python kernel.

I followed the instructions at this link to create the Jupyter notebook using an AWS Machine Image:

I have successfully added the Bash kernel (from my manOS terminal or the Jupyter terminal, don't really remember), but after NUMEROUS attempts, I am still unsuccessful in getting the R kernel installed. I think this is because I'm installing it onto my local Jupyter notebook but when I run the installation code in R/RStudio it doesn't transfer to the server's Jupyter notebook. (i.e. I can install the R kernel, following the Google installation instructions, just fine on my local Jupyter notebook, but can't get it onto my Jupyter notebook running on the server).

I am using macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6 and should have the latest versions of Jupyter and R.

Nicole C

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