Add performance's plots to a plot in R marckdown

while I appreciate you are probably doing it out of humour/levity, I have taken the liberty of removing the 'threat' that was previously in your post, and ask you to refrain from such on this forum.

Here is not a chunk but rather a complete rmarkdown that you can try to see.
If you want specific help, then it is recommended that you provide a reprex
FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners

title: "R Notebook"
    df_print: paged


pp <-$hiv.svm$predictions[[1]]

ll <-$hiv.svm$labels[[1]]

pred<- prediction(pp, ll)

perf <- performance(pred, "tpr", "fpr")

plot(perf, avg= "threshold", colorize=TRUE, lwd= 3,
           main= "With ROCR you can produce standard plots like ROC curves ...")