Add new column based on other columns

Hi all,
I have my shapefile data which has different columns. I would like to create a new column based on the conditions in two other columns.
The new column should get a number if the column Soort_kame has the text "kamer", this number should be the sum of the area of this room, in column Shape_Area, and the sum of all areas with "a" in the column "gang"

class       : SpatialPolygonsDataFrame 
features    : 138 
extent      : 2016.467, 42096.93, 984.3975, 35695.1  (xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax)
coord. ref. : NA 
variables   : 6
names       : OBJECTID, Soort_kame, gang,   Shape_Leng,   Shape_Area,      GOkamer 
min values  :        1,  badruimte,    a,     11.58167, 1.013100e+06, 1.013100e+06 
max values  :       99,         wk,    c, 780862.71315, 9.721777e+06, 9.721777e+06 

I hope I explained my problem clearly enough


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