add my my_resume.Rmd file generated by pagedown to blogdown file

I am very much new to world of webpage generation. Just created new blogging site using "Made with Hugo. Themed by Cupper. Deployed to Netlify. " .

When I use Addins New Post ( Gui ) it adds into Blogs section and everything is fine . Now I want to add MENU item my CV and add my CV generated by Pagedown Output: html_resume and Knit : chrome_print .

I am not sure how to add it to my web site page , any one please help me with little bit step by step . I have updated my config.yaml menu: nav: -name: CV url: /CV/ weight: 5

I have my my_resume.Rmd file ready , where should I store ? when I KNIT it I got my .HMTL file where should that stay ?

And which program I need to update to to call the newly generated my_resume.html

Sorry for long email , but I am just learning and want to get it right

Thanks k

Would this answer help ?

It seems related...

Thanks a lot it helped me a lot

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