Add example server usage of shiny UI elements to doc pages

I went onto to work out how I would pull out the start and end date from a date range input, but the example does not show the server end doing anything with the input.

It would be good to add a server example and a bit of text on this one to clarify what will appear on the input parameter.

Hi @mungojam - Are you looking for an example like the one at (see the code under the app.R tab towards the bottom of the page). If so, we could certainly add something similar to this article specifically about dates.

Something like that, but I think it would be better if it pulled out the
start and end date of the range so that it was clear if it is a list with
named elements or a Date vector. I think that should also be specified in
the text of the doc page. In my case, I needed to split the start and end
as I was passing it on to an existing method that took those two

Perhaps you could have the dates feeding into a plot title or something
like that to make the example not too contrived.

Looking at that example with sliders, it again doesn't actually tell you if
the range is stored as a list or a vector and if there are any names
against the elements. Maybe for an article like that it's ok, but the
documentation page should have these details I think.

Gotcha, thank you for the feedback, this is helpful for working on the docs!