Add Connect Server using IP instead of URL (AWS use-case)

I have two servers on AWS that are on the same subnet: one runs Posit Connect and the other runs some local apps that require some more resources. I want to allow the non-Connect server to publish to the Posit Connect server, and I can ping the local IP address of the Posit Connect server, but rsconnect only seems to allow URLs for connecting a server.

Is it possible to add a Posit Connect server in a local subnet?

Details: My client wants to be able to refresh data on a Shiny app, so I developed a Shiny app for him on the non-Connect server to upload the data and run some necessary pre-processing on the non-Connect server. (The pre-processing is expensive and requires some third-party apps.) I would like to then automate re-publishing to the Connect server from the non-Connect server.

Interesting question. How did you determine that IP addresses are not allowed? And why do you want to use the IP address instead of the server name?