Add a bioinformatics Tag to this forum

I think it would be useful to add a "biology" and/or "bioinformatics" tag to the Posit Community.

There is currently a bioconductor tag, but this is mostly used for problems with installation from Bioconductor. Recently there has been quite a bit of software developed in R and used by biologists, in particular Seurat; but for example pheatmap is commonly used by biologists.

Some examples: this recent one from STafrimR , that unanswered one from asinghnl (I could have answered if I had seen it in time), that unanswered one from Snur... There are also pheatmap cases like this from emmlemore or that from muf0205. All of these examples are cases where a biologist or bioinformatician should be able to provide better answers than other forum users, but would only find the questions by scrolling through recent questions.

It could be a Category, but I don't think there are that many posts to justify it. I don't think there is currently a relevant tag, or if there is, it's hard to find.

A tag is simple (already done) but I think you are not getting a category any time soon


That's great, thank you!

Thanks for the answer andresrcs!

We generally are reluctant to create new categories. These are exclusive and hierarchical. Where tags can appear on a topic in any categories. (And very open to adding new tags!)

And then since this is Posit forum, it’s mostly organized around Posit products and product teams. Each gets a category and those teams keep an eye on topics related to their product they support.

So the thinking is with a topic involving, say, biology; Bio questions on Shiny, those would appear under #shiny. Bio questions on R Markdown under #r-markdown.

Again, very happy to add any new tag. Folks with high enough trust level can create a new tag. Feel free to message me and I’m happy to create one.

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