adapting the size of a button in the header

I added a socialButton in the top-right of the dashboardHeader of my app.R by using

	dashboardHeader(title = "menu fastABC",
		tags$li(class = "dropdown", socialButton(url = "", type = "github"))

This function, socialButton, is part of the shinydashboardPlus package.

I increased the size in the beginning of the header by modifying the dashboardBody as follows:

			.skin-blue .main-header .logo { background-color: #1e2b37; color: #ffffff; font-size: 24px}

And here is the result :

As you can see, the button doesn't fit with the header. I would like to automatically adapt its size, and, if possible, to modify the color of the displayed gitHub button.

Do you know if it's something that can be modified please?

All the best


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