Adapt lua filter in Rmarkdown for font color text with citations

Dear all, I was wondering if it's possible to use/readapt the following Lua filter in r-markdown to get font colours when using citations with r-markdown syntax. For example, when I try to replicate the code from R Markdown Cookbook and add a citation inside the [...] block, I get the following result:

The following R code can be used to replicate the same pdf document:

# packages

# Create a citation file
my_bib <- file.path(tempdir(), "my-bib.bib")
cit_R <- "
  title = {R: A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing},
  author = {{R Core Team}},
  organization = {R Foundation for Statistical Computing},
  address = {Vienna, Austria},
  year = {2021},
  url = {},
writeLines(cit_R, my_bib)

# Create an Rmd file with a reference
my_Rmd <- file.path(tempdir(), "my-Rmd.Rmd")
text_Rmd <- '
title: "Color text with a Lua filter"
    pandoc_args: ["--lua-filter=color-text.lua"]
bibliography: my-bib.bib

```{cat, engine.opts = list(file = "color-text.lua")}
Span = function(el)
  color = el.attributes[\'color\']
  -- if no color attribute, return unchanged
  if color == nil then return el end
  -- transform to <span style="color: red;"></span>
  if FORMAT:match \'html\' then
    -- remove color attributes
    el.attributes[\'color\'] = nil
    -- use style attribute instead
    el.attributes[\'style\'] = \'color: \' .. color .. \';\'
    -- return full span element
    return el
  elseif FORMAT:match \'latex\' then
    -- remove color attributes
    el.attributes[\'color\'] = nil
    -- encapsulate in latex code
      el.content, 1,
      pandoc.RawInline(\'latex\', \'\\\\textcolor{\'..color..\'}{\')
      pandoc.RawInline(\'latex\', \'}\')
    -- returns only span content
    return el.content
    -- for other format return unchanged
    return el

Roses are [red and **bold**]{color="red"}

Citation: ABC in @R

Col + Citation: [ABC in @R]{color="red"}

# Citations

<div id="refs"></div>
writeLines(text_Rmd, my_Rmd)

# render it
  input = my_Rmd, 
  output_file = file.path(tempdir(), "test1.pdf")
browseURL(file.path(tempdir(), "test1.pdf"))

I also posted the same question in SO.


Which rmarkdown version are you using ?
Which Pandoc version rmarkdown::pandoc_version() ?

This is working on my side

Thanks for your reply. I copy here the versions:

#> [1] '2.11'
#> [1] ''
#> $version
#> [1] ''
#> $dir
#> [1] "C:/Program Files/RStudio/bin/pandoc"

Created on 2021-12-02 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

After a few test, this is an issue with Pandoc version. If I use as you, this is not working.

But they fixed it seems.

You can either install a newer Pandoc and use it

Or download the daily version of RStudio which bundle a recent Pandoc that works

Thank you very much, that worked perfectly. Do you want to copy the same answer to SO?

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