ADA compliance of RStudio?

I am teaching a class using RStudio, and I need to say something about ADA (section 508) compliance. I've searched around but have not found a statement like the ones for SAS and Stata as here:

Am I missing a similar statement for RStudio? If not, does anyone have examples of language used to address accessibility in RStudio?




Well, it's complicated, as you can quickly tell by skimming Technically, it's not ADA; its focus is on the federal workplace and procurement of services. I suspect that SAS and Strata have sizable government portfolios.

RStudio in that space would be defined as a "Software Tool," like IDEs specifically called out in the rulemaking. What that specifically means in any given case requires a lawyer with either the expertise or willing to acquire the expertise to determine how it applies in a particular situation. Me, I'm neither -- just experienced enough to know to run away from an area so outside my previous experience.

I haven't seen any similar statement on the RStudio website to the detailed list that Strata publishes -- Stata 15 Section 508 compliance statement | Stata

As RStudio's business picks up government contracts, I'm sure we'll see something similar.

I think this is correct.

In education, the onus for 508 compliance is highly context-dependent and situated with the educational institutions and instructors -- not software or textbooks. Individual student disabilities are very specific circumstances, and require attention case-by-case.

I teach RStudio and Tidyverse-based data science and visualizations at a public university and find them to be fantastic tools to tailor-make solutions for students with special circumstances (e.g. color-blindness, trouble with animations, etc.).

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