Active Rstudio Connect Server through CLI without email confirmation

Hey guys,

I'm trying to get my Rstudio Connect server running. The installation went fine, however, now I'm struggling with creating an user. After the installation, I signed up with my credentials. With the usermanager CLI utility, I verified that the user was created as administrator - so far so good.

Since the server is located in a strictly limited network area of my company, I have not been able to get the email service to work yet. That's why my dashboard still shows this error message (although I'm registerd as administrator)

So is there no way to activate users via the usermanager cli tool? I want to get rid of all that email confirmation stuff - I don't need this because in the future we will use an ldap authentication. However, for some first testing things, I would love to have a password based authentication.

Ahoy Micha, sorry about this.

Since this issue appears to be connected to an Posit Pro product, we are going to refer it to premium support (

Should a generalizable solution be reached we'll be sure to return here and share that.