Activation and Deactivation of Modules according to User Type

Dear community
I would to ask you if there is a method that can be used to enable or disable a shiny module.

I give an example:

  1. user A needs to access module 1 and cannot access module 2 and 3.
  2. Instead user B can access module 2 and 3 but not the first module.
  3. User C must access all modules.

I would like to ask you if there is a simple way of activating and/or deactivating the modules depending on the type of user.

Thank you

User shinymanager with three roles.

Follow the above documentation step-by-step.
In server, check for result_auth$user_info$role

if (result_auth$user_info$role == "role-1") {
    # functionality for role-1
    # use renderUI("ui_1")
} else if (result_auth$user_info$role == "role-2") {
    # functionality for role-2
    # use renderUI("ui_2")
} else if (result_auth$user_info$role == "role-3") {
    # functionality for role-3
    # use renderUI("ui_3")
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