accuracy func fable

print(t1) # Single product time series data
train<-filter(t1,Month1 < yearmonth("2018 Nov"))
test1<-filter(t1,Month1 >= yearmonth("2018 Nov"))

fit_train<- train %>%
ets = ETS(Sales),
arima = ARIMA(Sales),
lm = TSLM(Sales ~ trend() + season())

fc<-fit_train %>%


Get an error here on last line > accuracy(fc,test1)
Error: Could not find response variable(s) in the fable: Sales

Please note have updated packages tsibble and fable but the error still persists can you please help. If i print out the fc and test1 object they both have the variable Sales.

R wouldn't recognise uses sales as being the same as Sales.

Most likely you have a mismatch between package versions. Can you please try updating all your packages to the current CRAN versions.

To get any additional help you will need to provide a reproducible example.

Hi Sir, Thanks for reply updated to fable package 0.2.1 and now it works. !! Thanks again !! Also the book is amazing !!

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