Accidental delete after project won't open

I was working in a different project for a few weeks, but it wouldn't open. I then accidnetally deleted it when trying to create a new project. Is it possible to recover a deleted project, and how can I get it to open?

I don't have a project link here since I accidentally deleted...


If it has been less than 30 days from deletion and you haven't emptied your Trash the project can be restored.
If you go into the space where the project was deleted from and click on the Trash icon found in Header, you'll see a list of trashed projects, click Restore, on the right side of the project.
The project will be moved out of the trash and back into the space, allowing you to open the project again. Please note that any project in the trash for 30 days or more will be permanently deleted.


Great, thank you! I've restored the project and now it opens, which wasn't happening before.

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