Accessing Sharepoint in R with SSO

Hi all! I'm hoping someone can solve my issue or put it to rest :slight_smile:.

Using RStudio, I'm trying to bring in a .xlsx file from my company's sharepoint, which now has Single-Sign On (SSO) authentication. I am very unfamiliar with authentication and SSO so please forgive me.

Previous to the implementation of SSO, I had used this StackOverflow answer to obtain the document. Now, when I attempt the same thing, I get the following 401 error:

Status: 401
  Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
  Size: 16 B

I also saw this solution somewhere and tried it to no avail:

system("curl negotiate -u user:pass -L --insecure -o DownloadFileName.xlsx \"https://yoursharepointsite/Documents/yourfile.xlsx\"")

Is there any solution to access sharepoint files when SSO is set up?

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