Accessing RStudio Cloud with Raspberry Pi 4

I am wondering whether it should be possible to access Projects within RStudio Cloud using a Raspberry Pi 4.

So far, I haven't been able to open any existing or new Projects.

What does this say about the minimum computing power requirement to work with RStudio Cloud, please?

For instance, I can access such Projects using a basic iPad, but find it hard to code easily in that environment.

You would require the same computing power you use to browse any other website (The Pi 4 has enough for that), all the computations are made in the RStudio Cloud servers.

Maybe your problem is not the lack of computing power but the browser you are using to open RStudio Cloud in the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks very much, @andresrcs. That's what I had thought.

Certainly, I can access the main Workspace listing all the Projects. However, when I try to open an individual Project, it takes forever and then ultimately fails ('Snaps!').

It may have something to do with our internet connection, which we are trying to improve. I just wondered if anybody else had tried and had a similar or different outcome.

Maybe, I am being over-ambitious, but I am enjoying RStudio Cloud.

It is a great platform. I am just wondering how best to incorporate it into my work processes.

We have upgraded our internet connection to optical fibre and can now open individual Projects successfully. Thanks @andresrcs

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