Accessibility of R with screen reading

I am new to R, as well as to this community. Does anyone have current information on the accessibility of R specifically with JAWS? Is there a current VPAT available for review? I have seen older posts that there were known issues. I have a student coming this fall, and want to be sure that his materials will be accessible. Thank you-
Alice Wershing

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Just to disambiguate, are you asking about R or RStudio (the IDE — see detail in FAQ, below).

R itself is quite accessible (see report from A. Jonathan R. Godfrey linked to below, also available as free open article here).
RStudio (the IDE), however, is not, as of yet.

See also the BrailleR package

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Hi, as Mara said, the RStudio IDE itself is not yet accessible via screen readers.

We know this is unacceptable, and I am actively working on improving that for the next major release (1.3) of the RStudio IDE, but unfortunately that will not be ready this fall; more likely early in 2020.


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