Access Windows network from Ubuntu RStudio server?

RStudio Server (free version) on Ubuntu 17.10
Domain joined to Windows 2012 Active Directory

Everything works, and stats team can access http://RUbuntu:8787 with their Windows AD credentials. However, they need to access data stored on a Windows file server to run analysis. Is there a way to easily access Windows shared directly from the RStudio web portal? If not, how can I map it to all stats users?

Thanks in advance.

How are you running RStudio Server? I'm not sure how you do it natively with RStudio Server, but it seems like you could try file.choose to see if that allows them to get into the folder.

If you are running it as a container with docker, you can map your local network drives to make them available to the container session like this:
docker run -d -p 8787:8787 -v ~/Desktop:/home/rstudio pgensler/sandboxr
which maps the Desktop folder (volume) to /home/rstudio from the image pgenlser\sandboxr located here. Does that help?

The stats team will be access it from their Windows desktop using the web portal, http://RStudioServer:8787. When they run RStudio from their Windows desktop, they can easily access everything on the network but often runs into issues due to the limited physical resource on the Windows desktop machine. We are hoping they can utilize the faster Ubuntu server to process the large data stored on a Windows files server. However, from our limited testing, user can only access the only the user's home directory located on the Ubuntu server is available. Is there a way to browse any of the Windows networked storage? Thanks again.