Access to files through Shiny Server Open Source


I intend to use Shiny Server Open Source to create an app, that will then be used by a client.
The client will need to load an excel file, that will be then used from the app to perform calculations and provide visualizations.

My question is:
Will the app have access to the client's data only during the time the app runs and performs the calculations or will Shiny Server Open Source store the file loaded by the client?

My guess is that the access is only temporary, but I would like to know it with certainty (possibly with some reference to some documents, where it is clearly stated so).

Thank you so much!

Hi @valentina.f ,

your assumption is right - it will be stored temporary (for the length of the session).

You can also test it locally by using Rocker Project - shiny, shiny-verse since it is a pre-configured shiny server.

Chapter 9 Uploads and downloads | Mastering Shiny talks about this topic - the book is written by the Chief Scientist at Posit PBC Hadley Wickham.

For a more direct posit reference see File Upload Control — fileInput section details.

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Thank you so much @vedoa! :pray:

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