Access LinkedIn API

According to LinkedIn Website, i have togenerate an access token, with a HTTP POST against accessToken with both my Client ID and Client Secret values.
I have to post against

With three different parameters: "grant_type" ( The value of this field should always be client_credentials), "client_id" and "client_secret" both provided by linked in

At the moment, i did this:

token<- POST("", add_headers(
      grant_type ="client_credentials", 
      client_id = "keyprovided1", 
      client_secret = "keyprovided2"))

I have a 400 response, but it does not have the token.

There is something wrong?

Thank you!

Can you specify the LinkedIn page were you found the instructions?

I am not familiar with that setup but I assume that you replaced keyprovided1 and keyprovided2 with values that you got from a LinkedIn webpage?

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