Access data from ShinyServer Admin Panel

Hi all,
is there any possibility to access the data visualized in ShinyServer Admin Panel from the background? I am especially interested in getting the latency information to visualize it to users.

Hi Sebastian, there isn't a publicly accessible or documented API for that, as far as I'm aware. It's an awesome idea though.

If you're handy with Selenium, it would be theoretically doable by navigating to the admin login page, logging in programmatically, and extracting the login cookie. With the cookie, you could make the same kinds of requests that the admin page is doing via Ajax. This would be pretty involved though, and brittle, since we don't guarantee anything about the structure/behavior of the admin pages or of those Ajax endpoints. I recommend against this method, but if you really want to do it, that's one way.

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Thanks @alandipert for your answer. I figured it out to access the historized data sets using the package rrd. When checking the data, I came across the question how the latency value is actually calculated. Is there any documentation about the function or idea behind this value?
Thank you!