Access and download images from urls

Hello! I am trying to create a loop that allows me to download and save urls. Currently the urls are values of a variable that I have created.

I found a similar question with code that seems to work when I download just one url, but the looped code is producing an error.

the looped code im using can be found here: Access and download images from urls (which are values of a variable) is

for (i in 1:20) { #change 100 with your number of rows to read through
  myurl <- paste(completeURLS[i,5], sep = "") #you need the exact column number so change 1 to that value and change df to your dataframe's name
  z <- tempfile() #same as above
  pic <- readJPEG(z)
  writeJPEG(pic, paste("image", "i", ".jpg", sep = "")) 
#alternatively you can do writeJPEG(pic, here("desired folder", paste("image", "i", ".jpg", sep = ""))
#you can do setwd to the folder you want to write the files but here is much better

it seems that the urls are being downloaded as the code generates this message

trying URL ''
Content type 'image/jpeg' length 20252 bytes (19 KB)
downloaded 19 KB

but then the code stops. when I try to run pic <- readJPEG(z) i get this error message:

Error in readJPEG(z) :
unable to open /var/folders/hs/y00vqp751dqbpglcp35b3y980000gp/T//RtmpoIlB2y/file5b74462fa9cf

So does that mean that the code isn't creating the tempfile?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.

Hi, I am not sure what exactly happens, but here are some recommendations: first, you test the code without using the loop. Then, you can create the temporal file in the /tmp folder, using:
z = tempfile(tmpdir = "/tmp"). Also, after downloading the file, print the z and locate this file in your system make sure it exists.
The i inside the paste is a variable and should not be quoted: writeJPEG(pic, paste("image", i, ".jpg", sep = ""))

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Hi there,

Thank you so much for taking time to look this over - I really appreciate it!

I removed the quotes around the i and it worked! Amazing!

Thank you.

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