'about' page shows in preview but not when deployed on netlify

I am doing my frist steps with blogdown and so far things went rather smooth. However, I am now encountering a problem when trying to add an 'about' site to my page. The page is visible when serving the site and (pre)viewing it in RStudio/Chrome. However, once I deploy it to github/netlify, the content doesn't show up.

Here's what I've done to add the about site:

  1. created file about.md in root of content folder. It contains the text of the page. See here.
  2. created a folder about which contains a partial called single under themes/hugo-theme-basic/layouts. See here.

I assume it has something to do with the partial I created for the about site. Any idea?

{{ partial "header.html" . }}

  lang="{{ .Site.LanguageCode }}"
  class="sans-serif w-90 w-80-m w-60-ns center mv2 mv5-ns"

  <a href="{{ .Site.BaseURL  }}" class="b bw1 pb1 no-underline gray">{{ .Site.Title }}</a>
  <span class="b gray"> / </span>
  <a href="/about" class="b pb1 bw1 no-underline black">about</a>
<div>{{ .Content }}</div>

  {{ partial "footer.html" . }}

The site's (tentative) address is https://werkstattcodes.netlify.com/
The repo is here https://github.com/zoowalk/blog

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