About loading csv

And this is the result I get by loading csv,
obviously the columns a! re not correctly arranged, I wonder where is wrong and how to correct it.

Can you explain a bit more what is wrong with the picture? To me it looks like data was loaded correctly.

Sorry I haven't narrated it completely, I want to load the data as this
2018 Province, Score, Major, Schooling, School where the student comes from, whether the student belongs to the group(Y/N)
So a correct input within a line should be
2018 四川 663 影像技术 4 XX学校 Y
each column be separated and distributed into right category
but you can see from line 3, some data are distributed into wrong categories...

the orginal data was saved as UTF-8 coded csv,separated by ","

Ah, I see. Is it possible that for some reason commas in offending rows are different from all other commas in the file? That would be the only thing that comes to my mind that would cause something like this to happen.

In Excel form with suffix "xlsx“ I can't see the commas, also in csv, so it seems so difficult to solve this problem, and even if possbile, modifying the lines by manual appears to be inconvenient, what should I do with this problem? Thanks very much for your response!

I tried to fix the problem by manually modify the data by fix(X)
This solves the problem but I still wonder if the problem can be solved from the xlsx level.

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