About boot function

Hi everyone. Could someone give me some examples on how to use the "stype=f" argument?
Thanks in advance

There is an example in the manual page ?boot:

# Stratified resampling for the difference of means.  In this
# example we will look at the difference of means between the final
# two series in the gravity data.
diff.means <- function(d, f)
{    n <- nrow(d)
gp1 <- 1:table(as.numeric(d$series))[1]
m1 <- sum(d[gp1,1] * f[gp1])/sum(f[gp1])
m2 <- sum(d[-gp1,1] * f[-gp1])/sum(f[-gp1])
ss1 <- sum(d[gp1,1]^2 * f[gp1]) - (m1 *  m1 * sum(f[gp1]))
ss2 <- sum(d[-gp1,1]^2 * f[-gp1]) - (m2 *  m2 * sum(f[-gp1]))
c(m1 - m2, (ss1 + ss2)/(sum(f) - 2))
grav1 <- gravity[as.numeric(gravity[,2]) >= 7,]
boot(grav1, diff.means, R = 999, stype = "f", strata = grav1[,2])

Does that help?

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