Abnormal display of inline output in .Rmd file

Hi there. I often get abnormal display of inline output in the IDE when executing chunk codes in .Rmd file, just as the following screenshots showing:

This situation often happens when the inline output is a dynamic map, created by Leaflet, tmap, mapview, or some other mapping packages.

To reproduce this problem, I copied a few lines of code from mapview document that can generate several dynamic maps. They should be written in a .Rmd file and the inline output should be set. Although the abnormal display won't occur every time, it indeed exists, especially when the inline output is complex (e.g. thousands of points on a dynamic map).

mapview(breweries, zcol = c("brewery", "village", "founded"))
mapview(breweries, zcol = "founded", legend = TRUE)
mapview(franconia, color = "cyan", col.regions = "white", lwd = 3)

The version of RStudio on my device is 1.3.958, just updated a few days ago.

Many thanks for your help.

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