A replacement for the assertive package

Hi everyone, to learn how to write packages I made a simple one that included the assertive package to make use of assertions in the public functions. That package has been removed by CRAN for newer versions of R and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for a replacement package that they like to use. Thanks!


I just started learing shiny development with R.

I simply did search bing, and found there are some similar packages, like assert,assertr,assertions.

Because I am not so familiar with Assertive R Programming, so I am also wondering which package will be a good choice.
Maybe reading official document of package is a way to evaluate functions of these packages.

yeah, I took a quick look at assertr. The docs are fine, but there's nothing like practical experience with a package to really form an opinion of it. I was curious if anyone had an opinion on the subject based on experience. assertive seemed like a good package with loads of functionality.

Sharing this post by @grusonh and others in case it's relevant. Checking the inputs of your R functions - R-hub blog

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Thank you, @maelle . I appreciate the info. I'll be sure to check it out!

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