A package to create/modify/rename/extract tables on/from databases using R syntax

I use dbplyr a lot and it's such a great improvement compared to having to type native SQL. But it doesn't allow to write in the database easily and I found the combined use of dbplyr with DBI functions frustrating. So I played around and came up with the package mmdb.

I'll be happy to know your thoughts on this.

mmdb provides an interface to use dbplyr in a concise and intuitive manner, and goes further by allowing modifications in the database.

You can do the following and more :

  !foo := select(!bar, 1:2) %>% head # table creation on server side 
  baz := ?!foo # collect data in R
  !qux := iris # upload to db

see full readme: https://github.com/moodymudskipper/mmdb


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