A minimalist Markdown organiser - Shiny Contest Submission

A minimalist Markdown organiser

Authors: Chun Fung Kwok

Abstract: Type Markdown in the textbox on the left, see rendered organiser on the right. "Click" an item/card on the board to edit the text, and "Drag" to move the items/cards around to desired location. Updates are bidirectional.

Full Description:

A minimalist Markdown organiser

Category: utility tools

This is an experiment to extend Markdown's functionality without changing its syntax or forgoing its plain-text appeal.


New semantics are added to headings (levels 1, 2 and 3).

  • # => h1 => Board
  • ## => h2 => Row
  • ### => h3 => Column

where "Board", "Row" and "Column" are as shown in the following screenshot



  • All cards and items are editable and movable. Click to edit the text, and Drag to move the objects.

  • Updates are bidirectional. Redundant new-lines and whitespaces in the Markdown file are not preserved.

  • Support CSS classes from the tailwind CSS framework at the heading levels (1, 2, and 3). For example, background colour options are encoded as bg-COLOUR-WEIGHT, where

    • COLOUR can be one of {gray, red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, pink}, and
    • WEIGHT can be one of {50, 100, 200, 300, ..., 900}.

    To use the colour, simple wrap the colour option in curly bracket and add it to the end of a heading, e.g. # Board {bg-yellow-100}.

Q and A

  • Q. How do I copy a card?
    A. It's Markdown, copying a card is just copying the text.

  • Q. Is there a search function?
    A. It's Markdown, Ctrl / Cmd-F would work as usual.

  • Q. How is this app built?
    A. This app is built with the R packages sketch and shiny and various JavaScript libraries (marked.js, turndown.js and sortable.js).

  • Q. Can I customise it?
    A. Yes! Fork the repository and start by modifying the styles.css file (or even the R source code directly).

Keywords: markdown, organiser, productivity, sketch
Shiny app: https://jksserver.shinyapps.io/shiny_markdown_organiser/
Repo: GitHub - kcf-jackson/markdown_organiser: A minimalist Markdown organiser
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


Full image:


I like your project. The Idea is very nice.