A few questions about Quarto rendering to Word


I have got a few questions about Quarto rendering to Word/windows.

  1. How to increase the space between code output and image in MS Word document ? With default rendering it produces no space, code and output image or table looks merged together in MS Word. How to increase that distance ?

  2. Is it possible to render to other folder than working directory that qmd file is currently in ?

  3. How to change font and font size for word output ?

  4. How to change syntax highliting for MS Word ?

Anything here would be much appreciated.

You could probably add empty paragraph in your doc or customize the styling and pass a reference doc

You can use a post render step in your project to move the document in another folder

You need to pass a reference document Quarto – Word Templates

Syntax highlighting style can be changed as any other format using the style config

We have a lot of information in our doc. Please do read the MS WORD part to find what you can do

Thank you for your reply. How do I do this in qmd file, I mean how to add empty paragraph in qmd chunk under output ?

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